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Active use of computer software and computer ad-ins requires not only willingness, but above all the expertise on this topic, or the information base that will enable us to explore the chosen secrets of computer and the Internet without many hours of searching.

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Internet service with tips is a place for computer novices and professionals who are sharing their knowledge and doubts to help portal users in solving difficult practical and technical issues associated with the computer, its construction, maintenance, repairs, and emerging issues of technical nature - information technology and other curiosities, that may be useful in certain situations.

Advice available on this site is a collection of valuable computer knowledge transferred to users in a clear, comprehensible way allowing independent solution of the problem. Computer and Internet use is a necessity - and with our tips you'll get easy answers to difficult questions and solve any problem with your computer.

Optimization of licensed software, hardware, accessories and their efficient configuration, programming, use of databases and php, security, network and server administration step by step.