3 most common computer failures

The computer is now an indispensable part of most people’s life. It is an essential equipment in the workplace and in entertainment. Any failure prevents the execution of multiple tasks. Here are three common problems that can be quickly eliminated, in order to to use the computer freely.

1.Power supply

The failure of power supply occurs relatively frequently. When it happens, you are not able to run the computer. The repair should begin with confirmation of the fault. To do this, connect the power supply from another computer. If PC begins to work, you are sure that the power unit is broken. If the computer still does not start, the problem may lie in failure of components. If a motherboard is burnt or other parts of the computer are not working, then a repair in the service is required. Therefore, it is better to buy a good quality power supply, in order to prevent exposure to high repair costs.

2. LCD Monitor

Often computer damage directly relates to LCD monitors. The appearance of dead pixels in the matrix is ​​often associated with the neccesity of buying a new one. It is important to carefully examine the warranty before buying a new monitor. It happens that despite the emergence of dead pixels, the matrix will not be replaced. It depends on the grade and size of the monitor. Manufacturers often make the exchange when defective pixel is captured shortly after the purchase.

3. Operating system

operating system failure, bluescreen

The problem has not necessarily its source in a hardware failure. Often a breakdown is due to a faulty operating system.  In the most computers, Windows is installed. In this case, remember that over the time it will be necessary to re-install the system. This is due to system files overload. Another installation does not equal data loss. Formatting can be done in the old directory, indicating the option of leaving the files on the system partition, without any modification.