Graphics card replacement

Graphics card is one of the most frequently replaced components. Well done installation will allow efficient use of all your PC’s graphics options. To avoid errors, please refer to the following principles.

Graphics card replacement, hardware,

1. At the start - search for the latest driver, thanks to which you will ensure high performance and system efficiency. Fortunately, more and more companies producing graphics cards, provide driver updates, so be sure to visit the manufacturer’s web page and check out proposed driver. Sometimes it happens that the program included with the card is older than the one on the page. In this case, it is best to download the most recent version and read the information in the Readme file. 

2. In the next step turn the computer off and disconnect the monitor. Next, remove the cover and remove the screw that secures the card. Static electricity will be neutralized by touching the case. Carefully and slowly remove the old graphics card. Find the appropriate slot and put the new card in (AGP - C or PCI - D). Then put the screw back and connect the monitor cable.

3. Before you replace the cover, turn on the computer. As soon as the system starts to work, it should display the information about finding a new card and installing the software. The message may vary, depending on your version of Windows. Carefully read all the information and proceed to install the driver. After doing so, reboot the computer. The system should work with default settings.